WEEK 1- PERMAH Introduction (6 Pillars)

Teachers to read and facilitate the following:



In order to increase our well being, which is our ability to do well and feel good, we are using Seligman’s PERMA framework (with the added H for Health).

This research-based framework has six headings:

  • Positive Emotions:  experiencing good feelings like happiness, peace and joy.

  • Engagement:  being fully involved in a task and living with interest and curiosity.

  • Relationships: having solid relationships with self and others. Feeling loved and connected.

  • Meaning:  having a purpose in life, feeling that our lives are worthwhile and serving a cause greater than ourselves.

  • Accomplishment: striving for and achieving things that really matter to us.

  • Health: establishing habits that increase physical and psychological health.

Description of Personal Wellbeing Practice: 6 Elements

  1. Reflecting on the six elements of PERMAH, consider which elements you already do well: positive emotions, engagement, relationships, meaning, accomplishment or health.

  2. Why do you think this is your strongest element?  Think of an example.

  3. Turn to the person next to you and share with them what you think is your strongest PERMAH element of wellbeing and why.

Main message:

The PERMAH framework provides evidence-based, actionable ways to build our own well being. By building up each of these 6 elements that support our wellbeing, we are more able to thrive and live life to the full.

 UPP’s Personal Wellbeing Practices

A Personal Wellbeing Practice (PWP) is an evidenced-based positive psychology intervention, applied in school communities or other educational settings. At UPP, we have tried to make these PWP’s simple, concise and relevant for students and their teachers. The six pillars for the Personal Wellbeing Practices are: Positive emotion (P); Engagement (E); Relationships (R); Meaning (M); Accomplishment (A); and, Health (H).

We hope that these evidence-based tools of positive psychology will enhance help people to thrive and live their best life, both within and beyond the school gates.  

For more activities like this (and much more), check out THRIVE Online Lesson Modules for Pastoral Care and Wellbeing.

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