WEEK 10- Me at my best

Teachers to read and facilitate the following:


Equipment Required
Pen and paper

PERMAH Element
Engagement and Positive emotion


When we have the opportunity to use our strengths (the things we are good at and enjoy doing), we are more likely to feel confident, creative, satisfied and engaged (McQuaid and Lawn, 2014). Strengths are ways of thinking, feeling and behaving that come naturally and easily to us, and enable high functioning and performance (Linley and Harrington, 2004). When we work in our strengths- in activities, relationships and learning- they energise us. They are the inner qualities that make us feel most alive and because of that, they are the areas where we have the potential to make our most meaningful contributions.

Description of Personal Wellbeing Practice:  Me at my Best

  1. Think of a time when you have been at your best (when you have been the best possible version of yourself). It might have been when you were doing something you love, or being a great friend, or making a hard choice.  You may have been alone or with people. Think of how you felt and what others might have noticed.

  2. Now write briefly about this time when you were at your best.

  3. Finally, identify and write down what strengths you used in this situation when you were at your best.

Main message:

When we work in our strengths, we are six times more engaged and become 21% more productive (Gallup Research, 2015).


UPP’s Personal Wellbeing Practices

A Personal Wellbeing Practice (PWP) is an evidenced-based positive psychology intervention, applied in school communities or other educational settings. At UPP, we have tried to make these PWP’s simple, concise and relevant for students and their teachers. The six elements for the Personal Wellbeing Practices are: Positive emotion (P); Engagement (E); Relationships (R); Meaning (M); Accomplishment (A); and, Health (H).

We hope that these evidence-based tools of positive psychology will enhance help people to thrive and live their best life, both within and beyond the school gates.  

For more activities like this (and much more), check out THRIVE Online Lesson Modules for Pastoral Care and Wellbeing.

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