WEEK 12- Shout outs!

Equipment Required
Pen and Paper

PERMAH Element
Relationships and positive emotion

Teachers to read and facilitate the following:



Being kind and generous towards others is good for us. In addition to increasing our happiness and health, kindness has been found to be contagious.  Researchers have found that when we receive an act of kindness, we are quite likely to “pay it forward” (Tsvetkova & Macy, 2014; Jordan, Rand, Arbesman, Fowler & Christakis, 2013). In essence, when we demonstrate kindness towards someone it is quite possible that the flow-on effect of our generosity will be much larger than the small act of kindness we offered.  Targeted acts of kindness move us from a focus on ourselves to meeting a genuine need of someone else. They require us to be more intentional and therefore are more personal and meaningful.

Description of Personal Wellbeing Practice:  Shout Outs!

  1. Choose someone in your life who you respect or admire.

  2. Think about what qualities they have that you value.

  3. Write a short ‘Shout Out’ to that person which explains these qualities. Include a specific example if possible.

  4. Share this with the person in the next 24 hours (face to face or call or email or text).  

Main message:

“ Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for kindness. “ Lucius Annaeus Seneca


UPP’s Personal Wellbeing Practices

A Personal Wellbeing Practice (PWP) is an evidenced-based positive psychology intervention, applied in school communities or other educational settings. At UPP, we have tried to make these PWP’s simple, concise and relevant for students and their teachers. The six elements for the Personal Wellbeing Practices are: Positive emotion (P); Engagement (E); Relationships (R); Meaning (M); Accomplishment (A); and, Health (H).

We hope that these evidence-based tools of positive psychology will enhance help people to thrive and live their best life, both within and beyond the school gates.  

For more activities like this (and much more), check out THRIVE Online Lesson Modules for Pastoral Care and Wellbeing.

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