Making Wellbeing Practical: An Effective Guide to Helping Schools Thrive

By Luke McKenna


Everything you ever wanted to know about wellbeing for your school and students- but didn’t know where to start…

Making Wellbeing Practical succinctly and effectively unpacks the research about wellbeing and the six elements of PERMAH in a way that resonates with educators. Furthermore, it provides an abundant toolkit of wellbeing practices and strategies to implement in your school or personal context. Making Wellbeing Practical combines the best research from the field of positive psychology with the experience of working with thousands of students and hundreds of schools. If you are wanting to make wellbeing practical in order to help your school or your students thrive, this book is for you.

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“Making Wellbeing Practical is an enjoyable and thought provoking read that integrates evidence with a range of personal experiences within the classroom and other real life situations. The suggested strategies provide a blueprint for embedding wellbeing and positive education within our school setting, while its practical suggestions help to cultivate a wellbeing mindset in our everyday lives.”
— Peter Groundwater - Deputy Principal at St Teresa’s Catholic College
“Luke McKenna’s energy and enthusiasm for supporting wellbeing in schools comes across loudly and clearly in his new book. Making Wellbeing Practical provides a clear and comprehensive overview of the elements of wellbeing defined in Martin Seligman’s popular PERMA(H) model. In addition, it offers a plethora of activities and ideas designed to help students develop their wellbeing skills. Anyone interested in bringing PERMAH based wellbeing strategies into their school will find this book a rich and indispensable guide.”
— Dr Helen Street, Applied Social Psychologist & Founder of The Positive Schools Initiative
“Luke McKenna is passionate about helping schools and young people to thrive. In his book, Making Wellbeing Practical, Luke shares his considerable knowledge of the growing field of wellbeing science and then shares a range of personal wellbeing practices that are practical and engaging for young people. This book is a valuable addition to the field and provides educators with a strong foundational knowledge of wellbeing, increasing the likelihood for the successful implementation of placing wellbeing at the heart of our schools.”
— Justin Robinson, Director, Institute of Positive Education, Geelong Grammar School
“Now that Luke has written Making Wellbeing Practical, we have an opportunity to bring his voice into the school on a regular basis. More importantly though is the security of knowing that this voice is evidence-based, well-researched and tried and tested through personal experience. This will build a sense of confidence in the teachers delivering the PWPs from the book; knowing what they are facilitating with our students is part of a much bigger picture, based on the well proven tenets of Positive Psychology. “
— Bruce McPhee, Deputy Headmaster, Masrist College, Ashgrove
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“Once again Luke and his team have delivered another terrific resource for our students based on well-founded research mixed with real life experiences. This book provides schools with excellent resources that you can implement very easily and has such lasting impact on the lives of our young people. Definitely a must have resource in reducing the growing tide of mental health issues in our community for years to come.”

 -      Nick Antoniazzi, Deputy Prinicpal, St Anthony’s Catholic College, Townsville.


 “Making Wellbeing Practical unpacks Wellbeing and Positive Education in a practical and logical way for educators. The Personal Wellbeing Practices will greatly assist teachers to embed the PERMAH pillars and make it doable in classrooms.”

-      Belinda Ryan, Deputy Principal & Student Wellbeing Leader, Our Lady of the Rosary, Kyneton.