At UPP, we are personally and professionally committed to our values. The values of Excellence, Character and Contribution guide all of our work. We thought you might be interested in our values and some of our the principles and mantras that guide our work with young people and teachers all over Australia.


We are on a journey of continuous improvement (kaizen), in order to deliver the most exceptional student incursions in Australia.

Principles / mantras:

• Striving for excellence (good enough isn’t);

• Make it better- better engagement, connection, relevance, impact, systems, relationships and value;

• Surpassing expectations- NPS above 9.5 each term;

• We are always a work in progress, constantly becoming;

• Attention to detail and world-class service delivery;

• Over communication- clarity and commitment; contact points. To be unclear, is to be unkind.


Our actions are always aligned with our words.

Principles / mantras:

• Humility, transparency, integrity;

• Never making promises we don’t intend to keep. Our total honesty builds trust- we value the truth;

• Admit mistakes, and learn from them;

• Window and the mirror;

• Ownership, responsibility & discipline;

• No gossip;

• Pass problems up to leadership, pass praise out and down.


We focus on our contribution and lifting others, and we understand that it is in giving that we receive.

Principles / mantras:

• We bring positive energy to every conversation, incursion and interaction- at work and home;

• Positive energy, enthusiasm and engagement;

• We focus on service and making a positive impact;

• Think mirror neurons (you get back what you give out);

• We rise by lifting others- Be a people lifter;

• Taking initiative and demonstrating leadership;

• Add value. Do extra.


The Unleashing Personal Potential Team