These ready to use lesson plans focus on helping students become their best by building growth mindsets, grit, wellbeing and leadership.

“By using UPP’s resources within our school, we are helping to build Grit within our students, and putting ourselves on the path to improving their well-being and grades.”
— Hayley Moore- Head of Junior Secondary, Ferny Grove SHS
“The UPP online modules have been a great addition to our schools Clan program. The easy to follow lesson plans have made the teachers jobs easier, with resources and introductory games that are not only engaging, but extremely relevant in an ever changing landscape.”
— Stephen Don- Year 8 Coordinator- Macgregor State High School
“The variety of source material is effective and the staged modules work well with our students.”
— Martin Wiseman- Assistant Principal (Pastoral)- St James College, Spring Hill
“82% of teachers who have used THRIVE Online Modules report that it is more helpful, relevant and engaging than resources they have used in the past.”
— THRIVE online follow-up survey 2017
“Our College has worked with UPP for three years. We have found the Thrive resources (unlike many brought in products) actually work in developing the students understanding of the topics of Growth Mindsets, Grit and Well-being. The sequential planning of each topic, all chunked into short interactive lessons able to be taught in a form period have not only helped staff articulate these key skills but enabled the students to engage through the Learn it, Live it, Teach It, Embed it model and make these skills part of their daily routines. This is a great investment for any College looking to promote SEL as part of the workings of their institution.”
— Richard Clark- Head of Secondary- The Springfield Anglican College
“The THRIVE resources are a wonderful introduction to vital concepts such as growth mindset, grit and wellbeing. The resources are easy to access and the teachers find them very dynamic and easy to interact with. The feedback from our students has been extremely positive. The support that Luke and his team have provided in terms of implementation of the resources is also seconded only by the enthusiasm and passion that they have for educating students in the field of positive psychology.”
— Paul Sochanik- Positive Education & Wellbeing Coordinator- Varsity College
“Thrive has given us a great range of resources to use in our Pastoral Care program. Teachers find it easy to use, and it’s great to have a research-based program to work from.”
— Amanda Huxham- Year Level Coordinator- St Peter's Lutheran College, Indooroopilly


THRIVE online lesson modules for pastoral care and wellbeing consists of 7 modules, designed for Secondary school students. In 2019, your THRIVE online subscription includes the following features:

  • 38 age-appropriate, engaging, evidence-based lesson plans- each with a rationale (from the research), learning objectives, stimulus (eg, you tube clips, articles to read), discussion questions, a student activity and suggested timing of the lessons. Check out some samples below.

  • Essentials for educators pages- including 3 minute research report, short introduction clip, access to all lesson plans in the series and access to the UPPMGW survey for students.

  • Student workbook (in editable pdf format for easy access).

  • Full access to the UPPMGW survey- including a cohort summary report. (Valued at $397+GST)

  • Downloadable Student Certificates for each series

  • *NEW INCLUSION* 40 Personal Wellbeing Practices to be used weekly in Pastoral Care / Wellbeing lessons, with a focus on building wellbeing through PERMAH. (Valued at $397+GST)

  • *NEW INCLUSION* 50+ Ice breakers, energisers and brain stretching activities to help build a positive classroom environment and healthy relationships between teachers and all students through interaction, laughter, learning, discussion, physical movement and fun. (Valued at $197+GST)

  • A set up and support phone call with UPP Director Luke McKenna to help you with implementing this as part of your Wellbeing Curriculum.

  • One copy of "THRIVE- Unlocking the truth about student performance".

  • Ongoing phone and email support to help you get the most out of the resource.


2019 School license is currently available for $1,197+GST (regular investment is $1,497+GST) .

“This resource is relevant, current, topical and student-friendly. The lessons are well-prepared, well-researched and are easily implemented by the teachers charged with delivering the lessons. I whole-heartedly endorse these resources.”
— Chris Bugden- Pastoral Programs Leader, St Eugene College.
“Students found the activities that we used from THRIVE, even more engaging than guest presenters.
— Teacher- Corpus Christi College
“Instructions are very easy to follow and the activities are student-friendly.”
— Sarah Yates- Head of Clan- The Springfield Anglican College
“The feedback from teachers has been extremely positive! Students were really engaged and enjoyed the information being presented. The website is really easy to use and is accompanied well by the student workbooks.”
— Jodie Austin- Head of Department- Wellbeing- Stretton State College.

A one year school license is $1,197+GST (regular price is $1,497+GST).  This includes access to all of the above material until December 13, 2019. In order to invest in the performance of your students, request your THRIVE online lesson modules at the button below.

THRIVE is a comprehensive, engaging, evidence-based and practical resource for Secondary schools.

THRIVE is only for those schools who have a regular Pastoral Care / Wellbeing lesson, and who share our passion for building growth mindsets, grit, wellbeing and leadership for students. If this resource does not meet or exceed your expectations, THRIVE online lesson modules come with a 30 day, 110% money back guarantee. Get started now!

Now available for 1,197+GST (regular price is $1,497+GST).

To Access THRIVE Online Modules, simply submit your details at the button above, and we will send you an invoice.





1- Growth mindset and achievement

2- My amazing, growing brain

3- My mindsets

4- Growing my mind (click for a sample lesson plan)

5- Learning anything

6- What I've learned about my learning equipment

Growth Mindset Essentials for Educators (link to preview page only)


1- Grit and achievement

2- Getting gritty

3- Failing forward

4- Setting and striving for targets

5- Habit formation (click for a sample lesson plan)

Grit Essentials for Educators


 1- Linking wellbeing to achievement

2- Wheel to wellbeing

3- Gratitude (click for a sample lesson plan)

4- Mindfulness Meditation

5 & 6- Mindful photography

Wellbeing Essentials for Educators




1- Growth mindset and achievement

2- Reviewing the foundation of growth mindset

3- My mindset and my performance

4- Reflecting on growth mindsets

Growth mindset- Extended Learning Projects

Growth Mindset Essentials for Educators


1- Grit and achievement

2- Hitting targets through my behaviour

3-  Delaying Gratification (click for a sample lesson plan)

4-  Mastery through Deliberate Practice 

5- Effort and Energy Management

6- Continuous Improvement through Marginal Gains

7- Reflection on grit

Grit Essentials for Educators


1- Linking wellbeing to achievement

2- Wellbeing with PERMA (click for a sample lesson plan)

3- Healthy Body

4- Getting to know Character Strengths

5- Growing my character strengths

6- Active- Constructive Responding

7- Improving relationships through generosity

Wellbeing Essentials for Educators


1- Leadership through influence

2- Different leadership strengths (click for a sample lesson plan)

3- Everyday leadership

4- Idea to action framework (designed for student leadership teams)

5- Servant leadership (bonus clips and discussion questions)



"I have learned to try my best and never give up, and to have a growth mindset. To love yourself and everyone around you and to consider others." Year 8 student.

"I have learned that I need to show more gratitude towards the ones I love and care about." Year 7 student.

"I have learned about my own wellbeing, that success is earned with hard work and persistence, and that you are not born with talent- you've got to work at it." Year 11 student.

"I have learned gratitude to my life and my character strengths. I realized I have a strong mind and are very mindful." Year 10 student.

"I have learned more effective ways to set and go for goals." Year 8 student

"I have learned about my character strengths and I have also noticed that my mindfulness and gratitude has improved over this term." Year 7 student.

"Having a positive attitude towards things and showing gratitude helps your mind to be healthy and makes you happy." Year 8 student.

"I learnt that in a growth mindset, people believe that skills which are difficult at first can be developed and improved over time with persistence and determination." Year 8 student.

"I've learned that my brain is more capable that I thought and that I can change the way I view events in my life." Year 9 student.

"Since doing this course, I am now more open to give more things a go and I look at challenges differently." Year 9 student.

"I believe the most helpful thing that I could take away from this course is to be grateful of what I have and to not take things for granted. I, and many other people take everything in our world for granted and it takes time to really realise how lucky I really am." Year 9 student.

"I have learned how to break bad habits, and develop better habits." Year 9 student