Our society is longing for meaningful connections. Everything belongs. Our Connect & Belong retreat allows all students to access the messages of connection, faith, belonging, gratitude, scripture, forgiveness, fun and relationship in an authentic way.

"Connect and Belong" program outline and themes (ideally suited to year 7, 8 or 9 students in Catholic Schools):

Session 1- Connect with others

  • Connect with others and show love.

  • Love your neighbour as yourself.

  • Forgiveness.

Session 2- Connect with God

  • Reflect on where and who God is in our lives personally.

  • Mindfully taking time to slow down.

  • Building our Relationship Bank Accounts.

  • Considering ways to increase our connection, peace and love.

Session 3- BELONGING- many parts of the same world

  • Consider our relationship to the world around us, and how we can connect to something bigger.

  • Sharing our gratitude with others and our gratitude for others.

  • Exploring a sense of belonging and how we are all connected.

“Hogan is authentic and unashamed in his sharing of the person of Jesus. He is relatable and has a true gift of making the Good News accessible for all”
— - David Hood, Teacher Villanova College
“Hogan is an effective and yet highly humorous
communicator. His intelligence and his quick wit relate well to young people and having seen him
in action many times, believe he is able to reach them in ways many of us can’t.”
— Fr Anthony Girvan - Priest Chaplain- Archdiocese of Brisbane
“Hogan knows how to meet people where they are at. His larger than life charisma, together with his intuitive empathy allows him to infiltrate the walls people usually put up when someone mentions “God”.”
— Luke Thomsen - APRE - St Stephens Algester
Hogan is an authentic man with a gift in communicating. He is passionate about bringing hope to young peoples lives by sharing with them his own encounter with God. I have witnessed him deliver high quality content that aims to reach the mind and heart. He is a skilled presenter whose down to earth nature disarms the young people he ministers too. When you combine this with his passion for the Gospel, he is a perfect choice as a facilitator for retreats.
— Caitie Humphrys- Regional Coordinator- Marist Youth Ministry
“The day targeted the age group perfectly and the material was very relevant. The girls will take a lot away from this experience.”
— Pauline Danielli- Mary Mackillop College

”Fantastic Program! It aligns with our current pastoral care program.”
— Secondary School Teacher
“Excellent. The calmest experience I have had with this group of students.”
— Cathie Denis- Mary Mackillop College
Hogan has a unique ability to fully engage his audience through his humour and authenticity. He uses his own story and testimony to show young people how God can truly transform a person’s life. I have witnessed Hogan with a room full of year 12 boys hanging onto every single word of his presentation, and I have seen him engage a large group of primary school students in a retreat setting. In each of these situations, Hogan challenged young people to make better choices, and to make God a bigger part of their life. I would highly recommend him to any school as a speaker.
— Zach Woodward- Teacher - Marist College, Ashgrove


  • Servant Leadership- Ideally suited for year 5 or 6 students. (looking for schools to pilot this retreat in 2019)

  • Connect and Belong- Ideally suited for year 7, 8 or 9 students.

  • Wellbeing, Spirituality and Life- Ideally suited for year 10, 11 or 12 students.

All retreats have been designed by Luke McKenna and Hogan Rogers of Unleashing Personal Potential. Facilitated by Hogan Rogers.

Details and pricing

The investment for this engaging and transformative retreat is $15+GST/student (minimum investment of $1,800+GST/day), plus travel expenses (if applicable). The incursion is run by Hogan Rogers of Unleashing Personal Potential at your school with a whole cohort of students. The best venue is your school hall (or similar), as we use a learning, action, reflection process throughout the day. For the greatest impact, we recommend that classroom RE teachers / Home Room teachers / Heads of House are present and involved for the whole day, as this has many benefits to the students and school moving forward.


Hogan Rogers has been a Senior Facilitator and Team Leader at Unleashing Personal Potential since 2015. In this capacity he has worked with more than 40,000 students in schools across Australia.

Prior to this, Hogan worked for Marist Youth Ministry as a Regional Assistant focusing on bringing Christ to young people in Marist schools all over southeast Queensland, running retreats, youth events and school camps. He has also worked for Blind-Eye Ministries- a homeless and indigenous outreach centre, where he was tasked with heading up their youth social justice project. For Hogan, his journey of faith started in the family home, and particularly when he was involved with his own youth group in Gympie in high school. In 2013, he served on a N.E.T. (National Evangelisation Team), travelling around the country and connecting people to the good news! He continues to serve the Catholic Church through his music and singing at regular youth events, including Ignite conference.

Hogan is currently undertaking his Bachelor of Business (part-time). In 2018, he completed the Discovering Positive Education course, run by Geelong Grammar’s Institute of Positive Education. He moves into the future taking all of this experience back into Catholic schools to promote connection, belonging, purpose and wellbeing with Christ at the centre. He is the facilitator for all Connect & Belong retreats.


Luke McKenna is the Founder and Director of Unleashing Personal Potential. Previously, he was an Assistant Principal at a Catholic School in Brisbane. He holds degrees in Business and Education, a Masters of Educational Leadership, a Graduate Certificate in Religious Education and a Professional Certificate in Positive Education. He has been heavily involved in the development of the Connect & Belong retreats.

“Hogan has a unique gift of meeting young people where they are at. He skilfully employs humour and the use of story to captivate their hearts and lead them closer to the great adventure of a life with Christ”
— - Sally Hood, Plenary Council Executive Committee
“I have witnessed Hogan’s uncanny ability to effectively adapt his presentation to suit his audiences’ maturity level, interest and motivation levels, and cultural/religious backgrounds. He always has the students and teachers eating out of the palm of his hand.”
— Assistant Principal Religious Education
“Hogan is a great, engaging, humurous, passionate presenter!”
— Teacher
“The session was brilliant. Hogan was sensational and had the students engaged 100%.”
— Pastoral Team Leader- Years 7-12
“Hogan was very engaging and presented the material to a high standard.”
— Barb Davis- Teacher
“IT WAS FANTASTIC! All staff and students had nothing but positive feedback. All the kids were so engaged and focused.”
— Danielle MacLeod- Yr 6 Teacher
“Great engaging and vibrant speaker. Students were eating out of his hand and hanging on every word.”
— Karoline- Teacher- Christ the Priest, Caroline Springs
“Hogan is an inspirational leader in the Church. This is mostly because of his openness to share his faith journey with all of its imperfections and vulnerabilities. Hogan impressed me from the moment that I met him. But the man of faith he has grown to be demonstrates God’s ability to transform and shape people so that they may flourish and truly be who they were created to be.”
— Luke Thomsen - APRE - St Stephens Algester