The following PROCESS HAS been designed to guide discussion between small groups of students WHO HAVE EXPERIENCED A STEP UP INCURSION.

  • Teachers should place students in their class into “accountability groups” of 4-5 students. Ideally, these groups will be carefully selected by teachers to promote open, on task discussion.

  • Once groups ARE formed, it would be worthwhile for groups to participate in one of the Brain Stretcher activities from the UPP website: (The aim is to foster some trust, teamwork, communication and respect between the group members, while having some fun).

  • Teachers should guide their group by providing the questions and a time frame for the 3 stages (REFLECT, ADAPT, RE-COMMIT) of the discussion.

  • Students should be encouraged to share (almost) evenly within their group. A good way to practice this is to change who starts the conversation at each stage of discussion.

  • At the end of the group discussion, every student should take 3 minutes to record their response to stage 3 (RE-COMMIT).