Meet founder, Luke McKenna, and learn more about UPP

Student Leadership Workshops
for Primary & Secondary Students

Unleashing Personal Potential provides student leadership and wellbeing incursions & workshops in schools across Australia for students in grade 5 to 12.



We partner with independent, catholic and public schools across Australia

“The program and activities immediately took all of our students out of their comfort zone, challenging them physically, emotionally and intellectually. Presenters very quickly established great rapport and respect. Awesome.”
— Andrew Willis- Year 11 Coordinator- Yeppoon SHS

OUR MISSION is to see every student become their best

We deliver exception in-school incursions and camps to students from years 5 to 12. We strive to make our interactions and lessons engaging, relevant and practical to your students so they can use their new skills in real-life situations.

Science is a huge part of what we do.

We use grounded strategies based on the latest in wellbeing and leadership studies to inspire your students. Specialising in building growth mindsets, grit, welling and leadership skills in your students, our programs need to be relevant and challenging so your students get the most out of these workshops.

In 2019, our team goal is to positively impact 35,000+ students through
exceptional incursions

Not sure where to start? Our friendly team are ready to discuss your students’ needs today to help you find the right workshop to help your students thrive.

“Often research and practice are disconnected. Good research fails to transcend the walls of academia, while educators draw on practices that lack a strong scientific foundation. This book expertly bridges the two, in an approachable, easy-to-read manner. The ideas presented are well grounded in solid scientific scholarship, while providing practical ways to apply that scholarship within the school. I’d highly recommend this book to educators looking to implement scientifically-grounded strategies with their students. “
— Dr Peggy Kern- Centre for Positive Psychology, University of Melbourne

Teacher Development Tools

Being a teacher is a tough job. From keeping up to date with curriculum, working with parents and building a great rapport with your students, there’s not a lot of time left for yourself. So we’ve developed guides and professional development events just for you.

Working with students means that we learn a lot about teaching and teachers as well! We didn’t want to let this knowledge to go waste, so we created engaging and up-to-date development tools for teachers. Choose from accrediated Professional Development courses in your nearest capital city or Personal Wellbeing Practices where you can go at your own pace.




“UPP are highly professional in their approach. They use theory and practical activities which engage and inspire students.”
— Bruce McPhee- Deputy Headmaster- Marist College, Ashgrove
“We had a great day, today! The kids were so engaged and they loved the activities. Hogan and Cody were fabulous - enthusiastic, positive and they set good boundaries. The content was also really relevant to the work that we have been doing about leadership in class.”
— St Peter's Primary, Rochedale
“Energetic delivery, engaging activities for students, with real application of leadership skills.”
— Alita Blackmur- Deputy Principal- Queensland Academy of Health Sciences.
“Hogan and Beth were absolutely excellent. Very professional. Great input. Had kids engaged totally all day! A brilliant experience.”

— Teacher- Jubilee Pacific Pines

Ready to get started? Our friendly team are ready to discuss your schools needs and help you find the right workshop for your students thrive.

“Pete was awesome as always!
The girls got a lot out of the session and I had some great feedback from them this morning.
They particularly liked the structure of the action plan and the way they were guided through the brainstorming and planning stages. They loved how Pete kept them on track, but also how funny he was!”
— Teacher- Brigidine College