UPP's Idea to Action Framework has been developed to get student leaders to spring into action on their best ideas. In this short video, UPP Founder, Luke McKenna introduces this Framework.

For student leadership groups who are stuck, ruminating on ideas meeting after meeting and struggling to make an impact in their school community, the Idea to Action Framework should help. With a focus on the small steps that are required to make a big idea or event happen, it will help all of your leaders to get some traction and move things forward. The process is simple and easy to use, but gives students the scaffolding they need to be more successful at getting into action.


UPP are experienced at helping student leadership groups:

  • appreciate that leadership is a service to the community;

  • understand that each member brings strengths to the team;

  • work as a cohesive unit;

  • generate a clear vision;

  • put useful ideas into action (rather than just talk about them);

  • powerfully communicate the vision;

  • build a lasting legacy in the school community.

“There are 100’s of things that can make us busy as leaders. There are only a few that will make a difference.”
— Luke McKenna- Founder- Unleashing Personal Potential
“Student leadership at Mary MacKillop College has been enhanced through our association with UPP. This formation process is tailored to our school theme and challenges our students to align their leaderships goals with this theme. This year the team has had a clear vision, kept their goals in sight, been more cohesive and have been more inclusive of other seniors.”
— Narelle Dobson- Deputy Principal- Students- Mary MacKillop College