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"In order for students to thrive and achieve their personal best, they require a growth mindset, grit and wellbeing."


"Combines extensive research with the experiences of a successful educator who has runs on the board. Highly recommended.”

-      Daniel McShea, Principal- Columba Catholic College.

“The research reports are a wonderful resource to share with staff.  They are concise, informative and act as a friendly reminder to all staff as to why we take the time to invest in Social Emotional Learning here at our College.  These have become a staple in our Pastoral Care program.  Thank you UPP.”

Niecia Freeman, Pastoral Team Leader, Southern Cross Catholic College

"This work is thoroughly researched, providing evidence for the often thought ‘inklings’ we, as educators, suspect in our own contexts.  This body of work provides educators with the confidence to empower colleagues and hence their students to not only be successful in making improvements but to thrive as a life-long process.  Luke’s efficacy as an educator himself is greatly evident – so too is his passion for sharing his research and experiences with others."

-      Catherine Thompson, Principal, Trinity College.

"McKenna draws upon the latest research about how we learn and presents an informative and practical guide on how social emotional learning contributes greatly to improving student learning.

- Peter Pashen, Principal, All Saints Primary School

"This work expertly bridges research and practice, in an approachable and easy-to-read manner. The ideas presented are well grounded in solid scientific scholarship, while providing practical ways to apply that scholarship within the school."

- Dr Peggy Kern, Centre for Positive Psychology- University of Melbourne