Terms and Conditions of Payment

All jobs will be quoted and charged based on the total number of students estimated by the school upon booking. This is to allow UPP to appropriately arrange staffing for your incursion. Please note, in any case where the number of students exceeds what was confirmed by the school, the appropriate additional cost per student will be added to the invoice. For multiple booking packages, a single invoice will be delivered after the first in-school training is delivered. Payment is due within 14 days of experience delivery.

Cancellations / Alterations Policy

All cancellations and alterations must be made by phone or email no later than two weeks prior to the incursion date. Any jobs cancelled within two weeks of the incursion date will incur a 50% charge of the total incursion cost. Alterations to any bookings requiring air travel from Brisbane may require travel expenses to be reimbursed fully by the school.


To clarify or ask any questions, please contact us.


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