Savouring the past, present and future

To savour is to “enjoy or appreciate (something pleasant) to the full, especially by lingering over it” (Oxford Dictionary 2018). If you savour an experience, it is like swishing the experience around … in your mind (Bryant & Veroff 2006).

Savouring is a tool we can use to begin to make positive neural changes in our brains. To achieve lasting change we must consciously experience what we want to learn (Hanson, 2019). Savouring the experiences of what we want more of in our lives can grow us in that trajectory. We can turn that passing experience into a lasting change of neural structure by staying and savouring the experience (Hanson, 2019).

Really feel the experience and use as many senses as possible to absorb it, as if we are a sponge. Good moments to savour may include when we feel included, appreciated or loved.

It is possible to savour the past, present or future. We can savour the past by reminiscing, sharing previous experiences, or thinking about past success. Savouring in the present involves focusing our attention on the good things in the ‘here and now’ (like a delicious taste or smell, or a special moment shared with someone). Savouring the future involves planning for exciting events in the future.

For a great savouring practice look at week 31 of our Personal Wellbeing Practices.

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