The mental health continuum

No matter who we are, our mental health and well being can be improved. It’s not as simple as thinking our mental health is good or bad. Mental health is not fixed or static; it can change depending on our circumstances. Imagine a continuum with positive mental health at one end, emerging health difficulties in the middle and more serious mental health disorders at the other end. Depending on circumstances, an individual can move back and forth along this continuum.

Anyone can have a mental health difficulty at any time. These are not personality traits; they are experiences that many of us have. Sometimes we can resolve these difficulties by ourselves, and sometimes we could use extra support.

The best mental health strategy is the one that prevents issues from arising in the first place. So instead of being reactive and waiting for problems to arise, we can instead focus on promoting positive mental health. We can be proactive and build our skills and resources in this area regardless of how we might feel today.

“We don't rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training.” Archilochus

We can start training today. Invest in yourself. Try a wellbeing practice (not just with your students, but for yourself). Write down and reflect on three things that have gone well for you recently. Alternatively, try the Personal Wellbeing Practice below.

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